Heart Maps®

I invented Heart Maps® in 1990. Heart Maps have been used by teachers in the United States and all over the world in schools from Rwanda to Peru. Heart Maps were even part of the Columbia Peace Process through the nonprofit organization LitWorld.
I’m so excited to finally launch my Heart Maps® Teacher Tool Kit Membership where you can download monthly Heart Maps that align with the experiences of the school year and invite students to reflect on their identities and their lives in multiple ways.

Heart Maps® Toolkit for Teachers Membership

Join our growing community of educators who use Heart Maps to check-in with students’ hearts throughout the school year

Heart Maps for Teachers Annual Subscription:


**Special Offer: $49.99/year if you sign-up by September 30th, 2022 using code “special2022”

Included in Your Annual Subscription:
  • Access to 2 uniquely designed downloadable Heart Maps per month throughout the school year (September – June) and one Heart Map for July & August (22 Heart Maps total). (That’s around $2.70 per Heart Map which is less expensive than a cup of coffee). Each Heart Map aligns with students’ hearts (and several Heart Maps for teachers) throughout the school year and includes questions and suggestions to guide students as they map their hearts.
  • Downloadable guide explaining the essentials of heart mapping in the classroom including a materials list and other teaching tips and suggestions.
  • On demand access to monthly Heart Map videos.
  • Downloadable writing guide & writing prompt for each unique Heart Map.
  • Downloadable What’s In My Heart writing paper.
  • Receive Georgia Heard’s Heart Beats monthly newsletter.

Why Sign Up for a Heart Maps® Toolkit for Teachers Membership?

  • Be part of a community of educators who uses Heart Maps to check-in with students’ hearts and emotions on a consistent basis.
  • Get to know your students genuinely through Heart Maps.
  • Get access to 22 uniquely designed downloadable Heart Maps that you won’t find anywhere else — aligned with students’ hearts throughout the school year. Heart Maps that touch upon the core competencies of SEL.
  • Infuse your writing program with heart and help guide students in writing what’s meaningful to them.


Heart Maps for Teachers subscription runs for 12 months. Subscribers will have access to Heart Map materials from all previous month’s subscription cycle no matter when you sign-up, so therefore we cannot offer any cancellations except for renewals. 

Heart Map from a student in Peru. Thanks to LitWorld.