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A Quivering of Wings

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An Invitation to Submit:

During these challenging times marked by social distancing, virtual schooling, and talk of  a “new normal,” children, teens, teachers and parents are invited to read and listen to my poem, “A Quivering of Wings.”  Share your response in words and images through the submission form at the bottom of the page by July 1, 2020.

A Quivering of Wings

by Georgia Heard

In the beginning, small poems lay

still and silent inside your hearts.

If you listened carefully,

you might have heard

a quivering of wings.


Then, from the corner

of your eye, you spied

a flutter or two –

poems slowly unfolding,

delicate silken wings.


Poems began to appear everywhere.

Rainbow wings sailing,

hovering over desks, hanging

from the ceiling, tips of noses, tops of heads.

It was difficult to get any work done!


Now, your butterfly poems

fly free.  You fold words

into memory.  Poems:

small butterflies raised, watched,

let loose into the world.


© Georgia Heard. All rights reserved.



What has been laying “still and silent inside your heart?”

Is it a poem? A drawing? A collage? Words? A Photograph? A song?

Share it and “let [it] loose into the world.”

Our Plan:

To begin, we will be posting your submissions to our Instagram account, @aquiveringofwings, and we invite you to visit, “like,” comment, and share.  As the project unfolds, we hope to create some type of collaborative work from your responses– an ebook, a book, a video, or possibly a mosaic.  We can’t wait to see what emerges.


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About the Project:

Bev Gallagher and Susan Weintraub, friends and educators from The Hive, a learning collaborative, approached me about their desire to preserve and document this unprecedented moment in time after reading my poem, “A Quivering of Wings.”  From there, our collaboration began. We hope you will join us and share your response to my poem.

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Please email Georgia Heard at Heard_Georgia@yahoo.com (Note: There is an underscore between Heard and Georgia)

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