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Connect with your heart today. Download three unique Heart Maps® here:

Create Your Own Heart Map® Online Workshop
1 Hour Live Session

Saturday, September 5th 11:00 – 12:00
Tuesday, October 6th 7:00 – 8:00

If ever we need to connect with our hearts and the hearts of others, it’s right now during this difficult and challenging time. In this Zoom online workshop, Georgia Heard, the inventor and pioneer of Heart Maps, will walk you through creating your own Heart Map using writing, drawing, coloring, painting, crafting, and collaging.

If you would like to learn more about Heart Maps, you can click on the link to watch Georgia’s TEDx talk on Mapping Your Heart: Mapping Your Heart | Georgia Heard | TEDxTheBenjaminSchool

Looking forward to creating Heart Maps together!

Tuition Cost for one session is $50

Watch Georgia Heard talk about how to make three different kinds of Heart Maps and download a Heart map template https://blog.heinemann.com/heart-mapping-at-home-meaningful-authentic-writing

Listen to Georgia Heard talk about Heart Mapping on The Heinemann Podcast


Explore the Heart Maps Facebook group: www.facebook.com/groups/heartmaps

Reviews of Heart Maps:

“Georgia Heard’s newest book, Heart Maps – Helping Students Create and Craft Authentic Writing explores the thing most central, most essential, and most necessary in teaching writing.

What is that one, most essential thing? It is the heart. Your own heart, and your students’ hearts.

In this book, Georgia offers practical tools to spark ideas for writing. The work is accessible and feels doable even for a writing workshop novice — but the maps are so much more than just a tool for generating ideas. The book, organized into twenty or so ingenious templates for heart mapping, offers a way to study the heart from all angles. There is a template for mapping important memories, places, and people. There’s one for mapping the things that inspire you as a writer, and another for exploring your heart as a reader. There are others for gratitude, wishes, people you admire, and more. The list of ways to study what lives in your heart is long, and inspiring, and beautiful.”
-Elizabeth Moore, TwoWritingTeachers.org.  To see the entire review, click this link:  https://twowritingteachers.org/2016/10/17/heart-maps-a-review-and-a-giveaway/

“We understand that children read and write more earnestly and truthfully when engaged by emotion. We have, in Heart Maps, a stunning array of potential discoveries for young readers and writers: discoveries about what really lies within our complex emotional lives; about the budding passion they find in the social or natural world; and about the hearts of those around them. The discoveries and insights children will make as they craft heart maps will be lasting and profound.”
Ellin Keene, author of Talk About Understanding; coeditor of The Teacher You Want to Be

“Passion drives effort. If we want students to invest effort in learning to write well, we must provide opportunities to explore their passions and find relevance in their writing. Georgia Heard shows us how to open students’ hearts, discover their stories, and bring their passions to the page. Rich with practical strategies, student examples, and lists of mentor texts, Heart Maps is a book that I will use and recommend to teachers for years to come.”
-Donalyn Miller, author of The Book Whisperer

“This book will steal your heart. Filled with strategies, student work examples, stories from the classroom, mentor texts, inspiration, and practicality, you’ll find yourself relying on this book again and again as a trusted source as you help your student writers craft a writing life.”
-Jennifer Serravallo, author of The Reading Strategies Book and the forthcoming The Writing Strategies Book

“From the first page of Heart Maps, Georgia takes us on a journey of ‘possible’ from a child’s-eye-view with 20 heart maps as our navigation tool. She helps us envision writing from the inside out, taking us on a passionate voyage unfettered by impersonal rules where joyful meanderings of powerful, personal, purposeful writing keep ‘possible’ in view.”

-Dr. Mary Howard, author of Good to Great Teaching and RTI from All Sides

Heart Maps is filled with wonder and beauty. It will capture and hold the why of any writer’s journey: to name the passions that live inside of us, waiting to be written. Georgia offers wise guidance and practical tools for writing teachers of all ages, including 20 kinds of heart maps and dozens and dozens of mentor poems and gorgeous student examples to spring deep thinking across genres. This is a rich and lasting gift for my own teaching and an essential book for all who lead writers.”
-Penny Kittle, author of Book Love and Write Beside Them

Heart Maps shows and powerfully provides a tangible way for a teacher to help a child plumb their natural creativity. The heart map method is also a bridge: by using and being open to it, a solid connection between the teacher and student is inevitable. Even more, by practicing heart maps, a child can learn to connect with their own vast and unique identity as a writer-for-life. There may be no greater gift a teacher can give.”
-John Fox, author of Finding What You Didn’t Lose: Expressing Your Truth and Creativity Through Poem-Making; founder of The Institute for Poetic Medicine

Watch Georgia Heard’s TEDX Talk on Mapping Your Heart

Have you heard my latest interview about Heart Maps at Journey of Possibilities. Listen here


NEW! A Calming and Meditative Coloring Book

Click here to order Open Your Heart, Look Inside, and view a sample page.







Heart Maps: Helping Students Craft and Create Authentic Writing with Essays by Pam Allyn, Nancie Atwell and Penny Kittle

I just finished writing my new book on heart mapping! If you’ve explored heart mapping with your students, this book will show you twenty new ways to heart map followed by writing ideas.

I first introduced heart mapping to students fifteen years ago in a poetry class in Arizona, and then wrote about it in my book Awakening the Heart: Exploring Poetry in Elementary and Middle School. Since then I’ve introduced heart mapping in schools around the United States, and around the world, and the idea has spread. Heart mapping and writing is cited on over 100 websites, and when typed into Google close to eight million search results appear.

One of the goals of heart mapping is to provide a concrete and visual way for students to map out their lives — people, memories and experiences that matter to them most –to discover powerful and personal writing topics in all genres.

Here are a three examples of student heart maps:

Ashley's My Heart Wishes Map

Sarah's My Writer's Heart Map

Melanie's Heart Map





Awakening the Heart Heart Maps


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